What services are covered by RAMQ for my child?

Children under ten receive the following services free of charge. These services are sometimes offered in dental clinics or hospitals.

  • Annual check-up
  • An emergency examination
  • An X-ray
  • Local or general anaesthesia (medication at parents’ expense)
  • Amalgam fillings (grey) for posterior teeth
  • Aesthetic (white) fillings for anterior teeth
  • Prefabricated crowns
  • Sedative dressings – temporary fillings to reduce pain
  • Endodontics (including root canal therapy, apexification, pulpectomy, pulpotomy and emergency opening of the pulp chamber)
  • Tooth and root extraction

Exclusion: The costs of sealants, orthodontic treatment, nitrous oxide sedation, cleaning, scaling and fluoride application are not covered by the Régie for children under 10.