Cost of dental treatment

Cost of treatments

A cost set according to the ACDQ Fee Guide

In Quebec, the dentist who operates his clinic is free to decide the costs for the treatments provided to patients in his institution.

It is important to know that the Association des chirurgiens dentistes du Québec (ACDQ) provides its members with a complete “Guide de tarifs” of all dental procedures that can be performed by its members.

Company policy on processing costs

It is the policy of most dentists not to start any treatment with a patient until the patient is informed of the costs.

In the event of a change in costs during a procedure for any reason, the patient is informed of the change and advised of the new prices. He will decide with the dentist of his choice of an alternative procedure according to the situation.

To treat or not to treat? That’s the question!

Certain factors may cause prices to vary or influence the choice of dentist to treat or not treat a patient.

The dentist must evaluate the duration and complexity of the treatment. A large number of variables can complicate a procedure, whether it concerns the patient’s physical or medical condition, access in the mouth or the patient’s experience.

It is obvious that each person must be treated individually and each treatment plan is personalized.

Remote consultation or price request

Considering the facts stated above, it is very difficult for the dentist to properly assess, from a distance, the patient’s condition, as well as to meet his or her requests and requirements.

A consultation visit in the office is then essential for the dentist to properly assess the situation and make a correct diagnosis.

This assessment may take the form of a full review or a review of a particular aspect, depending on the situation.

Processing abroad

More and more patients are travelling abroad to receive dental care.

We believe that the client is not always able to assess the quality of care provided outside Canada.

We have the opportunity to meet occasionally with patients who have received such care. Unfortunately, the quality of the latter is very variable and some of the materials used do not meet Canadian standards.

In some situations, the dentist in Quebec is not in a position to properly monitor the care provided abroad. For example, in the case of implant-supported restorations, the replacement of parts may be difficult due to their unknown provenance or because they are not available in Quebec.

Protection of the public with the Ordre des dentistes et des hygiénistes du Québec

Patients cared for in Quebec are fortunate to be protected by the Ordre des dentistes or the Ordre des hygiénistes du Québec. The dental materials used and the quality of care provided are constantly monitored during the professional life of dentists.

Choosing a dentist

Every patient is free to choose his dentist according to his values and priorities (relationship of trust, philosophy of practice, comfort, professionalism, personality, price, etc.).

The dentist and his team offer the patient explanations with photos and X-rays to help them understand their dental condition and make an informed choice about the types of treatments available to them.

The patient can then make his or her final decision on his or her choice of treatment. At this point, it is at the patient’s discretion to call various dental clinics in his or her area or even to inquire abroad for dental treatment prices. Although prices may vary from place to place, we believe that the relationship of trust with your dentist prevails over the cost of treatment.

Payment methods at your dentist

Payment terms may vary from one clinic to another. Ask your dentist about the payment options available at his clinic.

Medical expense tax credits

In Quebec and Canada, there are non-refundable tax credits available for patients. Depending on these, it is interesting for some patients to perform different treatments in the same fiscal year. For more information, visit the Revenu Québec or Canada Revenue Agency website, or talk to your accountant. At the end of the year, an annual receipt can be produced free of charge by the firm at your request.