The mouthguard and occlusal plate

Le protecteur buccal sert à protéger contre les traumatismes dentaires lors d’activités récréatives et sportives.

The mouthguard

Mouthguards protect against dental trauma during recreational and sporting activities. Mouthguards can be purchased in sports stores. However, a mouthguard made to measure by a dentist or denturist, based on impressions of the teeth, is much better fitted and more stable. It’s not only more comfortable, but also more resistant. It’s the most effective way to protect against injury in contact sports (such as soccer, field hockey, boxing, wrestling…) or when there’s a risk of falling.

Plaque occlusale

The occlusal plate

The occlusal plate is an acrylic plate that prevents teeth from coming into contact with each other, thus preventing grinding and clenching, and thus premature wear of the teeth. It also relaxes jaw muscles, soothing joint pain. It can be worn day or night, depending on the dentist’s recommendations.